The Interak system

The Interak was to last me a few years having invested so much time, money and effort (anyway it was built like a tank). The graphics were only 64x32 and mono, no sound unless you made your own sound card, and yes I did. But without this I would'ent have learnt what I did, logic, machine code programmimg, wire-wrapping, building and modifying circuits... Take a look at some of my old photos.
This shows the machine with all the cards pulled, note the cassette recorder for program loading on the far left/rear this was before CP/M and disk drives
And here's how the cards slotted into the rack on guide rails, the nearest card is the sound card, neatly hand wired. The D conectors were for joysticks, the controls are for volume and changing the clock frequency to the sound chips, allowing a very wide range of tones, etc.
This is the front-end the businees end where the computer meets the outside world
Well this is what I ended up with, at last disk drives. And a machine I could kick without worry of harming it. It's long gone now. In 1991 I got my first PC, for £700 I got an XT 8086 with 640Kb of Ram, a 20Mb hard drive that made an hell of a noise and a mono monitor, DOS-4, keyboard etc. The mouse was 22 extra!
Yes my kids used to play on it too, Neal now has children of his own, but of course they all use a play-station. Note the small portable TV, no monitor at that time.

The Interak computer can be built bit by bit, and in various ways, the suppliers are very good and very helpful: Greenbank Electronics 460 New chester Rd Rock Ferry Birkenhead Merseyside L42 2AE. They also supply the Z80 SBC card and components with good documented manuals and help via the phone when needed....

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